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Colorado is a state full of gorgeous scenery, but one city in particular holds some of the most breathtaking sites in the entire state, and that's Grand Junction. Standings at the intersection of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers, the city is full of natural beauty, from canyons and mesas to beautiful stretches of gorgeous lakes. Grand Junction apartment-ites can also enjoy many of the other fascinating attractions the city has to offer, from exciting nightlife to high culture, and some of the most delectable cuisine in all of Western Colorado.

Grand Junction has just the right environment for the growing of fruit, and so has in recent years been one of the top spots in Colorado to start wineries. Some of the best wine in the region is grown in and around this city, making for entertaining outings for wine enthusiasts. It also home to Mesa State, a top liberal arts college, which holds the Junior College World Series of Baseball every year. This leads to a large group of hip, young people that make the city a fun and en vogue place to live, work and play. Grand Junction apartment-ites will never be without somewhere to go to have a fun night out.

Just look out the window of your Grand Junction apartment and you'll see just how amazing your city really is. Beautiful mesas and canyons stretch out across the horizon, plenty of wineries around to have some fun in, and a lively college nightlife for those young folks looking for something to do with their night, all brought together into one great big beautiful bundle that is Grand Junction.

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